The Procedure


  • Client consent forms are signed
  • Clients eyebrows and face shape are analyzed carefully. Measuring tool is then used to evenly draw out clients eyebrows and lastly, procedure will proceed with final approval from client for the shape,design and color 


  • After the approval of the drawing, numbing cream is applied over the entire outlined brow and covered with saran wrap for 25 minutes


  • Once the treated area is numb, a microblading pen (made up of many tiny sharp needles at an angle or a u-shape) is dipped in pigment and further etched in to create hair-like strokes. After the first pass, extra pigment is then rubbed in to make sure every etched hair stroke is filled with pigment- called pigment mask. After wiping off excess pigment, client will immediately see the simulated hair-strokes.  A  layer of anesthetic ointment is used for the second pass and the process is repeated for the other side. Artist will go through the process again until brows look full and defined and client is satisfied. If client starts getting sensitive, any additional strokes will be done at touch up.


  • Client will be given a mirror to do a final check and lastly given a packet of hustle butter to care for the treated area along with the aftercare instructions.  
  • Follow up appointment is made for a 5 to 6 week touch up. 

Enjoy your new beautiful eyebrows!